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Moqtada is still alive

Posted in Uncategorized by Patrick Truax on January 9, 2009

Moqtada Al- Sadr is still alive. The fact that this pot stirrer is still breathing, highlights a real blunder of the Bush Administration. By trying to keep the liberals happy, Bush squandered many opportunities to end the Iraq War earlier. His fear of bad press,  caused the adminstration to fight by liberal rules. Taking out political opposition to peace in wartime demonstrates resolve, and unwillingness to kow-tow to the foolish rantings of an Iranian puppet. But now he is back and threatening US soldiers again over Gaza.

Gaza, another liberal cause, is in the papers again becuase the popularly elected,  declared terror orgainzation, government, consistently lobs missiles and bombs into Israel, which understandlby pisses the Magan David off. Then Hamas hides among civilians while the Israelis root out all of the terrorists, which is most of the government. Israel, is being blamed for a disproportionate response, not so much because they love Palestinians, but the built in anti-semitism that comes from being liberal.

So,  Obama will be busy-Al-Sadr, Gaza, and the economy all await the annointed one’s midas touch, which has has been forged through all of his years of experience in government.

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