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Artorius Returns

Posted in Politics by Patrick Truax on May 11, 2011

After a long hiatus involving unemployment, relocation, and a new career, the editorial staff here at Artorius is restarting. But this isn’t your father’s Artorius, if you are looking for bomb throwing, incendiary, political commentary, you will be disapointed. After the bruising battle to prevent ObamaCare, Climate Change legislation and rampant run away government growth, this space has had enough. Between the threats and accusations of everything from supporting Afghani Poppies being used to fund the War on Terror, to being racist for not supporting ObamaCare, we have determined that politics just aren’t fun to write about anymore.

Rather than tweak the noses of the moonbats and the Democrats, we think that we will try our hand at writing history articles. Oh, I’m sure the writing will be a little stilted, but to the partisan extent of the past, no. We certainly have our own views of historical events, but they have been shaped by years of research, study and investigation. We hope to present an unbiased view of the events we write about, but we will not parrot the mainstream norm  for the sake of cutting corners.

So stay tuned, we have already begun laying the groundwork for a piece on Pope Pius XII and the whispered allusions and the outright accusations of the Vatican’s role in harboring and spiriting away of Croatian War Criminal Ante Pavelic after the Second World War.

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