Artorius Castus

The Morning After

Posted in media, Politics by Patrick Truax on January 14, 2009

As one who was known to hit the grape from time to time, I have a pretty good insight on “Oh, no, what did I do or say last night?!” It is with the knowledge of that type of regret, that I am convinced America will be feeling the same way on 21 January, 2009.

All too often I found myself caught up in a moment, strenghthened by drink and a feeling that inhibitions really don’t count, that is until the next day after waking up with someone I shouldn’t have or with a black eye I shouldn’t have had, either. All the euphoria surrounding Barack Obama’s upcoming coronation reminds me of numerous, boisterous Saturday nights and grim, painful Sunday mornings.

Barack Obama was a State Senator as little as five years ago, before that he worked on projects with William Ayres, a confessed and unrepentant terrorist, while worshipping at a racist church. His resume boasts his activities as community organizer (a term right out of Marx) and Harvard Law Degree. Before that, you can find him in various places he hasn’t explained, like Pakistan in 1981, or Indonesia in the 1960’s. We know little else about him. Well, that is not entirely true.

We do know, for example, that Frank Marshall Davis, who reared him for a few years, was an avowed and committed communist who at one time was being investigated by the FBI. We also know that the time line for the early years Barack Hussein, is too blurry to take at face value, and the media’s absolute refusal to investigate anything coupled with Barack Hussein’s stonewalling make this a situation that would have doomed anyone else. But not the Messiah.

The hallucination of change was proven over the last few days with the unmasking of a crooked cabinet nominee, and Hussein’s threatened veto on what to do with the bail-out money. The illusion of hope was ratified when Bill Richardson was found to be under investigation himself, torpedoing another Obama pick. Those two issues attached to all the Clintonistas appointed to a Hussein Administration, proves that change for Obama is nothing more than the same old, same old, except he is going to tax us more.

So, will America be chewing her arm off on the the Morning After, and reaching for her clothes quietly in the dark, or will it be best to just keep up the party by not ceasing the imbibing? Methinks that one way or another, Barack Hussein Obama’s coronation will be the bender we regret the most.


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