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Ship wrecks and war time defences discovered by English Heritage study

Posted in Uncategorized by Patrick Truax on January 7, 2009

Ship wrecks, wartime defences and medieval salt factories are just some of 1,000 archaeological sites newly discovered by an English Heritage study of aerial photographs.

The historical treasures, many of which lay unknown for decades, were spotted by a team of archaeologists examining thousands of photographs of the North East coastline in order to find out more about the area. Although many of the sites were known about, the photographs have revealed exact locations and in many cases revealed new possibilities about the local history. The project also revealed possible new sites and showed how many historical artefacts could be at grave risk of coastal erosion. Experts will now examine aerial photos from around the rest of the country. It is expected thousands more sites, many of which are neglected and some that have never been noticed before, will be revealed.The results will be used to predict how sea level rises are endangering national heritage.

The North East project examined 20,000 photographs of the coastline from the Scottish border to Whitby over the last 18 months.

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