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Hamas: Legal Terrorism

Posted in Uncategorized by Patrick Truax on December 29, 2008

The Hamas Party, which administers the Gaza Strip, is a declared Terror organization. Indeed, the party has admitted and claimed responsibility for terror attacks in Israel. Yet, the news coverage of the last 48 hours, has been decidedly pro-Hamas.

When one looks back on the troubled history of the region, an honest and reasonable assessment should yield an understanding of just how badly the cards are stacked against the Magan David. This column has tried to keep an open mind about the conflict, but honesty compels one to react to any biased coverage with more than a hint skepticism. Israel is tired of suicide bombers and rocket attacks. They are tired of World Opinion being against them. They are tired of their soldiers being kidnapped and tortured. They have been targeted by Scud missiles, and they are Iran’s number one target for a nuke. Lastly, they are tired of providing utilities for territories that attack their state.

Israel WILL defend her people, their borders, and their infrastructure, at all costs. They will not change their tactics, and why should they?

It is not the Jewish State’s fault that Gazans elected a terror organization to represent them, nor is it their fault that Hamas retreats to a human shield strategy when Israel retaliates. And has anyone else ever noticed that there is always a reporter on the scene of Israeli retaliation? Sometimes, the news comes from these PA “reporters” before anyone else has it. Two years ago, Reuters was caught doctoring photos in Lebanon of Israeli attacks in Lebanon. If the Anti-Israel cause was just, why doctor photos?

Gaza is the recipient of millions of dollars in aid from all around the world. Just where is this money going? Why don’t they build a power plant with the money? A de-salinization plant? A hospital with equipment and drugs? Create industry and jobs? Money pours into Gaza, yet the citizens are dirt poor. They rely on the Israelis for their infrastructure, and wail like babies when Israel shuts the water and power off after a kidnapping, missile attack, or suicide bombing.

The problem here is Hamas, not Israel.


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