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Back in the Ring, For Another Swing

Posted in Uncategorized by Patrick Truax on November 25, 2008

Today in Phoenix, John McCain made clear his intention to run for his Senate seat again in 2010. Since his return to DC after the campaign, Senator McCain has been bouncing around gathering support for what he feels is the only way out of mire that the Beltway has become. Bi-Partisan Leadership.

To some however, there is concern that maybe the Arizona Senator has run his course. According to various internet postings, and I claim no sanction of what any of them say, it’s time for some new blood in the Senate representing conservatism. Senator McCain, it is argued, has drifted too far in his “Maverickdom” from Republican principles and platforms. The issue of immigration is the one issue that those on the right part ways with John McCain.

Hailing from Arizona, one would think the Senator would have a firm grasp on the problems that arise from unchecked immigration. Just in terms of economics alone, one has to see the the reason for reform of some kind. But at what expense?

To just absorb a burgeoning populace, and lets face it, a Third World one, will never work. There is just not enough jobs here for everyone. Mass deportation? Never work, simply because America doesnt have the stomach for images of busloads of crying families heading for the border. This column claims to have no viable solution, but would argue that enforcement of current laws is a good place to start.

So as the Senator talks re-election and bi-partisan immigration reform, there will be many who will be watching and wondering if there will any conservative principles in John McCain’s plans for the Senate and beyond 2010.


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