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Retro Opposition

Posted in Uncategorized by Patrick Truax on November 22, 2008

Senator Obama added his third Clintonista to his team, by announcing Bill Richardson as Commerce Secretary. Who will be next? My money is on Zoe Baird. She has taken care of that nanny thing (she never got rid of her,the kids grew up), so she could probably pass the vetting process. How about that guy Huang? He has already had a security clearance! Speaking of vetting processes, how about one of the Clinton in-laws? Roger Clinton is probably off probation now. Or perhaps everyone’s favorite Clinton era villain, Craig Livingstone. Remember him? Probably not, no one even remembers who hired him.

As I sit here going over the news, I realize that being in the opposition isn’t the same as it was during the Clinton Occupation. Of course the internet has changed much about about the political process, but this opposition piece just feels different. Maybe it’s because the Clinton Boogeymen mentioned above weren’t as bad as they were made out to be, compared to some of the folks Obama is known to pal around with. Perhaps its because of the overwhelming support Senator Obama had versus a tepid GOP campaign. Whatever it is, there seems to be a bigger sense of urgency now, than there was in nineties.

Certainly one indicator would be the skyrocketing guns and ammo sales that have occurred since Barack’s election. Another would be the tanking market. Yet another would be the fear of higher taxes. All of these things, coupled with an Al Qaeda taunting of the President-elect, haven’t done very much soothe fears in the opposition camps.

So while all the retros are lining up looking for jobs in the new administration, we are wondering where Jamie Gorelick is going to land. But, in the coming days, Im sure we will be hearing more and more about Obama’s cabinet. I look forward to, er, commenting on them from my perch on the outside looking in.


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