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Missouri Still Too Close to Call

Posted in Uncategorized by Patrick Truax on November 13, 2008

As of 13 November, the Show Me State still hasn’t been decided. According to Real Clear Politics, McCain is up by the closest of margins;.01%. The Missouri Secretary of State website has a slightly larger spread. While Missouri’s electoral votes mean nothing to either candidate (Obama’s victories in OH, VA, and FL saw to that), It can still be a game changer.

For most of the last century, Missouri voted for the president all but a handful of times. It’s status as a bellweather is what keeps campaign advance teams coming back. But what will the implications be for Missouri, if they didn’t vote for the President this time? For starters it would remain a Red State, a state won by George Bush in 2000 and 2004. And a quick perusal of the county electoral map for the Show Me State shows that aside from the population centers of Saint Louis and Kansas City, it is a very red state.

But what of Missouri’s claim to being the electoral gatekeeper state? The state that has historically been the gateway to Pennsylvania Avenue? It is still too early to tell, of course, but if Missouri is no longer a reliable predictor of Presidential elections, who is? Certainly Ohio is well sought after state, Florida, too. Most Missouri voters are proud of their spot in the electoral hierarchy. But one McCain voter in Florissant, Missouri summed it up like this, “I’ll ditch the Bellweather moniker to keep Missouri a Red State,”. Judging by the county map, it looks like many Show Me Staters feel the same way…


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