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Friday Night Gun, er, Fun..

Posted in Uncategorized by Patrick Truax on November 8, 2008

Patrick Truax

One thing about the election of Barack Obama that was noticeable right off, was how long I stood in line at the gun counter at BassPro. There must have been 30 people in line, clutching their numbered ticket for service. Young, old, middle aged and 40-something. A long line breeds boredom, so naturally, a conversation sprung up about what we were doing there. “I just bought a 9mm Taurus,” chirped a woman waiting to be cleared for purchase. A young couple was fitting the wife for a new .45, and a family behind me was buying a revolver, I wasn’t able to see the type.

While to some this scenario seems redneck and found solely in a Red State, for me it was normal. Shooting is fun, so is hunting. The folks at the BassPro today were just ordinary Midwesterners, and being at a gun counter on a Friday night was something they have always done. You see, here in the Midwest we believe in the 2nd Amendment, and as I stood there, I couldn’t help thinking, “this might not even be here in six months”.

As gun owners everywhere contemplate an anti-gun Administration, they should be reminded that the Bill of Rights is sacrosanct; it’s not going to be easy for a gun-grabbing administration to go “tweaking the Second”.

The gun lobby is powerful, and has a lot of money. Indeed, many Democrats own firearms, so it would appear any curtailing of the Second will be met with stiff resistance.

But the underlying mood at BassPro was one of wariness. “We like to shoot on our property, and collect antique weapons,” the woman who bought the Taurus said, “And ‘they’ can have them when they pry them from our cold, dead hands.”

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