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Iran’s Ahmadinejad congratulates Obama on US presidency

Posted in Uncategorized by Patrick Truax on November 6, 2008

TEHRAN (AFP) — Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Thursday congratulated president-elect Barack Obama on his success — rare praise between the two countries which are archfoes, state agency IRNA reported.

“I congratulate you on being able to attract the majority of votes of the participants of the election,” Ahmadinejad said in a message to Obama carried by IRNA.

“You know the opportunities bestowed upon people by God are short-lived,” he said.

“I hope you make the most of the chance of service and leave a good name by preferring people’s real interests and justice to the insatiable demands of a selfish and indecent minority.”

Ahmadinejad told Obama: “You are generally expected to make a fast and clear response to the demands for basic… change in US domestic and foreign policy, which all people in the world and Americans want on top of your agenda.”

The Iranian president said Obama is expected to replace US “militaristic policies, occupation … and the imposition of unfair and discriminatory relations with an attitude based on justice, respect for nations’ rights and non-interference.”

“The US government’s interference should be limited to that country’s geographical boundaries,” Ahmadinejad said, according to IRNA.

Iran and the United States have had no diplomatic relations for nearly three decades since Islamist students took American diplomats hostage for 444 days following the 1979 Islamic revolution which toppled the US-backed shah.

Hostility has since deepened, with the late revolutionary leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini branding the United States the “Great Satan” while President George W. Bush denounced Iran as part of an “axis of evil”.

The escalation of Iran’s nuclear standoff with the West against a backdrop of defiant and inflammatory rhetoric from Ahmadinejad has even raised the spectre of an American military strike against Tehran.

The Americans accuse Iran of meddling in Iraq and sponsoring “terrorism” by backing militant groups such as the Palestinian Hamas and Lebanon’s Hezbollah, while Ahmadinejad has triggered international outrage for calling for Israel to be wiped of the map.

Iran’s Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said on Wednesday that Obama’s election is an “evident sign” that Americans want basic changes in policy.

“We hope the new US government can fulfil its people’s demand to distance itself from the present statesmen’s wrong approaches,” he said.

Government spokesman Gholamhossein Elham called on Obama to “bring fundamental changes to the United States’ approach to world questions in respect of human rights and to end the policy of domination and aggression against other countries.”

Such changes could “improve the image of the United States and overcome the growing mistrust towards America,” Elham said.

Birds of a feather. Im just waiting for an Ayers/Dohrn ambassadorship..



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