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DNC & Obama Execs Hosted Known Terrorist Fischer In Denver Wednesday 8/27/2008

Posted in Uncategorized by Patrick Truax on August 28, 2008

From the Washington Note-Steve Clemmons.

Wednesday morning, August 27, between 11 am and 1:30 pm EST or 9 am and 11:30 am mountain time, I’ll be chairing a New America Foundation/Middle East Task Force event in Denver at the Colorado History Museum.

The keynotes are Senator JOHN KERRY (D-MA), Obama National Security Adviser GREG CRAIG, Princeton University Woodrow Wilson School Dean ANNE-MARIE SLAUGHTER, former Congressman and Obama Adviser MEL LEVINE, former German Foreign Minister JOSCHKA FISCHER, and Aspen Institute President (and former CNN Chairman and CEO and TIME Managing Editor) Walter Isaacson.

Our panel will be former Israeli negotiator and New America Foundation Senior Fellow DANIEL LEVY, former Senate Foreign Relations Committee senior staff member and Stonebridge International Senior Adviser JANICE O’CONNOLL, International Crisis Group Middle East and North Africa Program Director and former Senior Adviser for the Middle East to President Clinton ROBERT MALLEY, Arab American Institute President JAMES ZOGBY, and New Yorker Washington correspondent and New America Foundation President STEVE COLL.

Here is what Wikipedia says about “former German Foreign Minister JOSCHKA FISCHER:”

In 1967 he became active in the German student movement and left-wing movement (post-)1968 (the so-called Spontis), first in Stuttgart and after 1968 in Frankfurt am Main. … Fischer was a leader in several street battles fought by the anarchist Putzgruppe (literally “cleaning squad”, with the first syllable being interpreted as an acronym for Proletarische Union für Terror und Zerstörung, “Proletarian Union for Terror and Destruction”) which physically attacked a number of police officers. Photos of one such battle in March 1973, which were later to haunt him, show him clubbing policeman Rainer Marx, to whom he later publicly apologized.

His close friendship with Daniel Cohn-Bendit dates from this time. In 1971 he began working for the car manufacturer Opel and tried to organise his fellow workers for a coming communist revolution. (This was not organising on behalf of an ordinary labour union: the vast majority of Opel’s workers had already been organised by IG Metall, the German metalworkers’ union, decades earlier.) …

In the Deutscher Herbst (German Autumn) of 1977, Germany was confronted with a series of left-wing terrorist attacks by the Red Army Faction (RAF). … In May 1981 the Hessian Secretary of Commerce Heinz-Herbert Karry was murdered with a firearm that in 1973 had been transported, among other weapons stolen from an American army base, in Fischer’s car. … Fischer has also been criticised for attending a 1969 conference of the Palestine Liberation Organization, where Yasser Arafat called for an all-out war on Israel “until the end”.

Thanks to Freeper Southack, for the story..


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