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"Change for a Five" Update

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Well, we have been plugging along here for about a year since we changed our name. We have 8 solid songs ready to be recorded, now that we know how to use the stuff! We have one in the can now, with another to be finished on Sunday. Its good stuff, but playing all the instruments by ourselves is cumbersome. So, in the near future, we will be looking for a keyboard player. We dont ask for much, just no rap, hip hop, techno or club mixes. Think-Jackson Browne, Supertramp and Humble Pie, and you can get an idea of the direction we are going. Here are some pics of the latest two sessions. Note that its still only me and Andy in the band!

This is more like it...!

"How do you play this thing??

I have been playing bass for 45 minutes!

Take One Andy

After we get all eight in the can, we are sending the masters to a professional sound technician. After that, we hope to have the album out by the end of next Summer. The name of the album is “Half Measures”…


Jackson Browne- Running on Empty (live 1979)

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DNC & Obama Execs Hosted Known Terrorist Fischer In Denver Wednesday 8/27/2008

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From the Washington Note-Steve Clemmons.

Wednesday morning, August 27, between 11 am and 1:30 pm EST or 9 am and 11:30 am mountain time, I’ll be chairing a New America Foundation/Middle East Task Force event in Denver at the Colorado History Museum.

The keynotes are Senator JOHN KERRY (D-MA), Obama National Security Adviser GREG CRAIG, Princeton University Woodrow Wilson School Dean ANNE-MARIE SLAUGHTER, former Congressman and Obama Adviser MEL LEVINE, former German Foreign Minister JOSCHKA FISCHER, and Aspen Institute President (and former CNN Chairman and CEO and TIME Managing Editor) Walter Isaacson.

Our panel will be former Israeli negotiator and New America Foundation Senior Fellow DANIEL LEVY, former Senate Foreign Relations Committee senior staff member and Stonebridge International Senior Adviser JANICE O’CONNOLL, International Crisis Group Middle East and North Africa Program Director and former Senior Adviser for the Middle East to President Clinton ROBERT MALLEY, Arab American Institute President JAMES ZOGBY, and New Yorker Washington correspondent and New America Foundation President STEVE COLL.

Here is what Wikipedia says about “former German Foreign Minister JOSCHKA FISCHER:”

In 1967 he became active in the German student movement and left-wing movement (post-)1968 (the so-called Spontis), first in Stuttgart and after 1968 in Frankfurt am Main. … Fischer was a leader in several street battles fought by the anarchist Putzgruppe (literally “cleaning squad”, with the first syllable being interpreted as an acronym for Proletarische Union für Terror und Zerstörung, “Proletarian Union for Terror and Destruction”) which physically attacked a number of police officers. Photos of one such battle in March 1973, which were later to haunt him, show him clubbing policeman Rainer Marx, to whom he later publicly apologized.

His close friendship with Daniel Cohn-Bendit dates from this time. In 1971 he began working for the car manufacturer Opel and tried to organise his fellow workers for a coming communist revolution. (This was not organising on behalf of an ordinary labour union: the vast majority of Opel’s workers had already been organised by IG Metall, the German metalworkers’ union, decades earlier.) …

In the Deutscher Herbst (German Autumn) of 1977, Germany was confronted with a series of left-wing terrorist attacks by the Red Army Faction (RAF). … In May 1981 the Hessian Secretary of Commerce Heinz-Herbert Karry was murdered with a firearm that in 1973 had been transported, among other weapons stolen from an American army base, in Fischer’s car. … Fischer has also been criticised for attending a 1969 conference of the Palestine Liberation Organization, where Yasser Arafat called for an all-out war on Israel “until the end”.

Thanks to Freeper Southack, for the story..

O’ Hail the Messiah Lord Obama

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Sung to the tune of the Soviet Anthem

Do You Know Enough to Elect Barrack Obama?

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Obama and Terrorists-the ad they ad the Obamas are suing to prevent…

Gary Glitter demands 24-hour police guard

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Gary Glitter has asked for round-the-clock protection, funded by the taxpayer.

By Lucy Cockcroft and Richard Edwards
Last Updated: 1:43AM BST 23 Aug 2008

Gary Glitter is escorted by police at Heathrow Airport upon his arrival to Britain. He has requested round-the-clock protection over fears for his safety Photo: PA

The former pop star arrived back in London and tried to avoid signing the sex offenders’ register, saying it was breaching his human rights. A judge ordered him to register within three days or face prison.

Glitter, jailed for more than two years in Vietnam for abusing two young girls, also said he feared for his safety and demanded police protection before leaving Heathrow by car for a secret location.

But the singer, real name Paul Gadd, will receive no protection and is not being kept at a safe house by police.

A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police said: “He is not being treated any differently to any other person in these circumstances.”

Glitter, 64, has also said he wants to receive treatment for a heart condition and his lawyer claimed he was “not a well man” and may be suffering from tuberculosis. A senior NHS source said that he would be an unwelcome patient even though doctors could not turn him away. The source said: “Every hospital in London is very worried about having him as a patient.”

By signing the register, Glitter will be required to tell the authorities where he plans to live and tell police within three days if he changes his name or address.

He must also disclose if he plans to spend more than seven days away from home or to travel outside Britain for more than three days. If he breaks these conditions, he could be jailed for up to five years. Jacqui Smith, the Home Secretary, said earlier this week that she did not believe Glitter should be allowed to leave the country again but he is not subject to an official foreign travel ban or any court-ordered supervision preventing him from approaching children.

He will be monitored by police and the probation service as a top-level offender under public protection arrangements. Community leaders such as head teachers, leisure centre managers, employers and landlords will be told if Glitter has moved into their area.

The singer was met by police after arriving on a Thai Airways flight from Bangkok. He was escorted from his seat in business class ahead of other passengers and was immediately interviewed about where he planned to stay.

He then failed to appear for a hearing at Uxbridge magistrates’ court. David Simpson, a district judge, said the singer had “demonstrated his desire to avoid the jurisdiction of this court” and ordered that he sign on as a sex offender within three days. His name will remain on the register for the rest of his life but he has 21 days to appeal against it.

David Corker, Glitter’s solicitor, said his conviction in Vietnam was a “charade” and a “show trial”.

When asked why Glitter had paid off the families of his young victims in Vietnam, Mr Corker said he did not have enough information to answer.

Glitter was released from prison on Tuesday and agreed to fly to London after failing to gain entry to Thailand and Hong Kong.

The lawyer insisted his client was “pleased” to be back in the UK and added: “He never got a fair trial and in due course that will be expanded upon.”

It appears our cousins handle their child molesters the same way we do ours. But the British dont have the same rights that we do, so methinks there will be no mucking about with this lad. Parkhurst and the Isle of Wight denizens probably dont cotton well to “short eyes”..

The Telegraph..

Interview with Pam Africa & Ramona Africa

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‘Freedom must take priority over everything’
By Abayomi Azikiwe
Editor, Pan-African News Wire
Published Aug 21, 2008 11:22 PM

Two leading members of the Philadelphia-based MOVE organization, Pam Africa and Ramona Africa, spoke at a public meeting in Detroit on Aug. 2 on the continuing efforts to free Mumia Abu-Jamal and the MOVE 9.

This public event, held at the Dr. Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History, was initiated by the Michigan Emergency Committee Against War & Injustice and was co-sponsored by several other organizations, including the Detroit Green Party, Detroit Solidarity and the Detroit Coalition Against Police Brutality, and Bishop Thomas Gumbleton of the Archdiocese of the city.

Pam Africa, representing MOVE and the International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal, has been leading the global struggle in support of the award-winning journalist, who was a founding member of the Black Panther Party in Philadelphia. Abu-Jamal has been a staunch supporter of MOVE since the 1970s.

Abu-Jamal has been on death row since 1982 after he was falsely accused of and railroaded for the murder of Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner in December 1981. Since 1995 there have been two death warrants, signed by former Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge, for the execution of Abu-Jamal. Only international mass outrage forced a stay, keeping Mumia Abu-Jamal alive over the years.

Two recent federal appeals court decisions in the Third Circuit denied Mumia a new trial and a rehearing by the full panel. That consequently upheld a 2001 federal ruling that vacated the death penalty and sentenced Jamal to life in prison without parole. Despite the 2001 ruling, Jamal remains on death row.

Ramona Africa spoke on recent developments involving the denial of parole to the MOVE 9, who have been incarcerated since Aug. 8, 1978, when MOVE family members were attacked at their Powelton Village home by hundreds of Philadelphia police.

During the assault on the MOVE residence, an officer, James Ramp, was killed. The evidence presented during their trial could not prove that any of the MOVE 9 defendants fired the shot that killed the policeman.

Earlier this year the nine political prisoners were denied parole after serving their minimum terms for the 30- to 100-year sentences handed down after their trial.

The Aug. 2 meeting was chaired by Andrea Egypt and Kevin Carey of MECAWI. Solidarity statements were delivered by Derrick Grigsby, co-chair of the Detroit Green Party and candidate for State Representative in the 7th District, and Diane Feeley, a veteran labor activist and representative of Detroit Solidarity.

Additional comments were made by Roberto Guzman on the plight of the Cuban 5, Cuban nationals currently serving long sentences in the United States for their attempts to prevent terrorist attacks on Cuba by CIA-backed counter-revolutionary organizations based in Florida.

Sandra Hines of the Detroit Coalition Against Police Brutality and MECAWI spoke on the status of Rev. Edward Pinkney of Benton Harbor, who is currently serving a 3- to 10- year sentence in Michigan for defense of working-class and poor African Americans in Berrien County.

Roderick Casey of Ypsilanti spoke for the Committee for Correctional and Judicial Reform on the need for representative juries in the state of Michigan. Casey was beaten, arrested and sentenced to 75 days in jail for protesting his treatment in an emergency room hospital.
Interview with Pam and Ramona Africa

During the Africas’ visit to Detroit, this writer sat down with them to discuss various aspects of their organizations’ work as well as important episodes in their own personal development:

Abayomi Azikiwe: What should people know about the case against the MOVE 9?

Ramona Africa: MOVE people who were in the Powelton Village residence on Aug. 8, 1978, are totally innocent. There were nine people charged and convicted in the killing of one cop. How can nine people be responsible for firing one gun? More importantly, the bullet that struck the cop was fired in a downward trajectory. All our family members were in the basement of the house.

AA: What excuse did the parole board give for not releasing the MOVE 9 this spring?

RA: They did their minimum sentences. This year they were asked to admit guilt. They refused to admit guilt because they are not responsible for the death of the officer. Guilt or innocence is not the issue. Neither is the serious nature of the crime because this was taken into consideration at the time the sentences were handed down.

This reminds me of my case when the Philadelphia police bombed our family’s home on May 13, 1985. Eleven people were killed, including children. The entire neighborhood was burned to the ground because the fire marshal ordered the department not to put out the flames.

I was charged with riot and assault. I was in my own home, minding my own business, yet I was charged with riot. I was convicted and given 16 months to seven years in prison. They told me after 16 months that if I severed all ties with MOVE I could go. I told them to go to hell. Freedom must take priority over everything. I would prefer to do other things, but it is not an option.

Not being a revolutionary will never protect you. Amadou Diallo was not a revolutionary, but he was still victimized. So if you are getting oppressed anyway, you should fight back. This is the only way we can beat the oppressors back. The important thing to do is to contribute whatever you can to the revolution.

AA: Pam, what is the status of the struggle to free Mumia Abu-Jamal?

Pam Africa: We are continuing to put out information on the case. Mumia is in his last phase of appeals. The Third Circuit Court of Appeals decided not to follow the law when they denied Mumia a new trial. There was a vote where the majority decided to rule against Mumia. What is right is right. It has nothing to do with a vote. Then an appeal for a rehearing before the entire panel was denied.

However, we will continue to rely on the people throughout the world. John Africa, the coordinator of MOVE, told us in 1981 that the case of Mumia Abu-Jamal would one day be known all over the world. We have been able to stop several attempts to kill Mumia. Even Judge Albert Sabo, who was known for not granting stays of execution, was forced to do so in August of 1995 because of mass demonstrations throughout the world in support of Mumia.

By denying Mumia his freedom or a new trial, they are attempting to place him in prison for life without the possibility of parole. This is totally unacceptable. Mumia is innocent and must be released.

Our schedule is full with work in support of Mumia’s freedom. In the next few weeks we will be traveling to Washington, D.C., Ohio, Denver and Mexico City.

We have to put out our own information through newspapers, leaflets and meetings like this. The media does not speak for us. Before I came into MOVE, I lived down the street from them in Philadelphia. I saw the good work they did and the nice people they were. Yet I choose to believe what I saw on television and read in the papers, which told lies about the organization, saying they were bad for the community.

It was the example set by John Africa and MOVE that brought me around the organization. We are still here despite all the efforts to lock us up and kill our family members.

We have been with Mumia from the time he was a journalist in Philadelphia. We were there when he was almost killed by the police, and we were the first to build support for his freedom. And we are still working on his case today.

Abayomi Azikiwe is the editor of the Pan-African News Wire. PANW articles have appeared in publications and websites throughout the world.

More from America’s own Communists (aside from the Obama Moonbats). Pam Africa is a TERRORIST, how she is able to be out and about is beyond belief..

East German spy swap fixer dies

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East German lawyer Wolfgang Vogel, who oversaw some of the Cold War’s biggest swaps of captured spies in Berlin, has died at 82, his family says.

Vogel died on Thursday at his home in Schliersee, Bavaria, after recently suffering a heart attack.

His swaps included KGB agent Rudolf Abel for US pilot Gary Powers, shot down over the USSR, in 1962.

He also oversaw the transfer of nearly a quarter of a million people from East to West Germany for billions of marks.

Vogel faced prosecution over his work for the East German secret police, the Stasi, after reunification in 1989 but the charges were eventually dropped.

Vogel revisited the site of his most famous swaps in 1997

Spies, prisoners, emigres

Born in Lower Silesia on 30 October 1925, Vogel studied law in Jena and Leipzig after World War II and graduated as a lawyer.

US pilot Gary Powers poses in front of a U-2 spy plane in this undated photo

The Powers-Abel swap made world headlines in 1962

Encouraged by the Stasi to make contacts among West German lawyers, he gradually became a broker for the spy swaps and prisoner exchanges which would make him famous in Germany.

The exchange of Powers for Abel, an English-born KGB man who had been caught spying in New York in 1957, was the first.

It was conducted, like some of the others which followed, on the Glienicker bridge between Potsdam in East Germany and West Berlin.

Guenter Guillaume, a Stasi agent unmasked among the closest aides of West German Chancellor Will Brandt, was exchanged in 1981 for captured Western agents.

In all, Vogel brokered the exchange of more than 150 spies and his swaps included the liberation of Soviet Jewish dissident Anatoly Shcharansky (now Natan Sharansky, an Israeli citizen) in 1986.

But he also helped to broker the transfer of more than 34,000 East German political prisoners and 215,000 ordinary citizens to the West, beginning in 1964.

West Germany paid nearly 3.5bn marks ($2.7bn) for their liberation.

After reunification, Vogel was accused of having blackmailed people who wanted to leave East Germany and having sold property at well below market value.

But he was cleared of the charges by the German Federal Supreme Court.

In its report on his death, the German broadcaster Deutsche Welle writes that “during the height of the Cold War in the late 50s, Vogel was the only point man” between West and East Germany because the two states denied having any official contacts at the time.


Buffett, others say high U.S. debt levels pose risks

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Fri Aug 22, 2008 12:52am EDT

By Jonathan Stempel

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Warren Buffett, the billionaire co-founder of a top private equity firm and a prominent voice for U.S. fiscal responsibility, called on the United States and its elected officials to combat the nation’s fast-growing, multi-trillion dollar debt load.

Buffett, Blackstone Group LP co-founder Peter Peterson, and former Comptroller General David Walker were part of a panel that spoke Thursday night in Omaha, Nebraska following the national premiere of the documentary “I.O.U.S.A.” The talk was simulcast in more than 350 movie theatres.

The film argues the country might face economic disaster if it can’t find a way to pay some $53 trillion it has committed to spend — and doesn’t have now — as the population ages, and Medicare and Social Security costs soar.

It also argues, and panelists agreed, that the United States has become too dependent on foreign investors to buy its goods and its publicly-issued debt. There was also agreement that many politicians fear making tough policy choices that have ramifications far beyond the current election cycle.

“Our politics have become so embedded and so partisan, with so many special interests, that they require a massive effort from the public telling them, ‘we want something done’,” Peterson said.

Buffett, who runs Omaha-based Berkshire Hathaway Inc and turns 78 on Aug 30, was more sanguine than other panelists, though he said he doesn’t want debt to grow as a percentage of gross domestic product.

“The prospects of being born in the United States are still better than being born anyplace else in the world,” Buffett said.

Buffett, the world’s richest person according to Forbes magazine, added: “It has not paid to sell America short since 1776, and the time to start is not in 2008.”

He added that even if there are more debts to cover, the United States will have greater resources to pay them. “The pie gets larger over time,” he said.

Another panelist was Bill Novelli, chief executive of the AARP advocacy group for people 50 and older, who called for bringing health care inflation under control. A fifth was William Niskanen, chairman of the libertarian Cato Institute, who said the nation’s retirement age should rise to 70.


Roughly four-fifths of the $53 trillion figure is related to projected shortfalls in Medicare and Social Security.

Most of the rest is what is commonly called the “national debt,” which in July totaled nearly $9.6 trillion, according to the U.S. Treasury Department’s Bureau of Public Debt.

Walker as comptroller general ran Congress’ Government Accountability Office from 1998 until this March. He said aggressive action is needed by whoever becomes the next president, likely either John McCain or Barack Obama.

Now running the Peter G. Peterson Foundation, Walker called for the creation of a “capable, credible and bipartisan” commission to make recommendations to ensure tough budget controls, comprehensive Social Security reforms that will last indefinitely, and “round one” of health care and tax reform.

“What we have to do is to recognize and reward elected officials — Democrats, Republicans, independents, whatever — who tell the truth and who stand up and try to help make tough choices sooner rather than later to make sure that America’s future is better than its past, and reject the B.S. and the nothing types of solutions and platitudes that we hear from so many politicians today,” he said.

Peterson added that the United States should consider the “provocative” notion of mandatory savings for individuals, as have some other countries, saying the nation had become “so consumption-obsessed and so borrowing-obsessed.”

The 82-year-old Peterson is also a former chief executive of Lehman Brothers and former U.S. secretary of commerce under President Richard Nixon.

(Editing by Kim Coghill)

We should be listening to this guy…A buddy of mine attended the simulcast. His views on the current economic crisis mirrors that of the heavyweights that spoke on the panel in Nebraska. Im looking forward to seeing the movie..


Friends of Artorius file with the SEC, demanding an investigation into SchumerGate

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Alleging misconduct, Artorius Castus and a number of private entities have filed papers with the SEC pushing for an investigation into the burgeoning IndyMac scandal. Next week, one these entities will be filing papers and producing evidence to the Department of Justice requesting an ivestigation into Schumer’s leaked memo.

It is our belief that Senator Schumer acted, at best, irresponsibly when he knowingly leaked a memo that was not for public consumption. Further, one of the private entities mentioned above, was already investigating a hedge fund manager with close ties the the Senator and who was a contributor to one of his campaigns.

If the hedge fund manager was given inside info, BEFORE the memo was leaked, and said hedge fund manager shorted Indy that week, (which he did) there are a lot of questions to be asked.

We believe that due to the seriousness of the charge, Schumer should step down until he is acquitted, has the case dismissed, or found guilty of the charges we allege.

We are alleging insider trading. (Giving info out to the hedge fund manager)
We are alleging improper handling of committee materials. (leaking them)
We are alleging Ethics violations. (The main charge-if he is found guilty of ethics violations, we at Friends of Artorius will demand his removal)

SEC case# 8082133112

Stay tuned to this blog for a look at the draft being prepared for the DOJ, which should be sometime early next week.