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Ayham al-Samurai, announced his support for armed operations against U.S. forces

Posted in Uncategorized by Patrick Truax on June 16, 2008

he former Minister of Electricity Ayham al-Samurai, who holds American citizenship that operations targeting the multinational forces is the resistance of legitimacy, and hoped to continue, pointing at the same time that he would return to Iraq to engage in political action.

و: The Samurai, who escaped from Iraqi prison following a court order to detain him in administrative corruption cases:

“The resistance in Iraq is legitimate resistance against occupation in the world and any resistance against occupation is legitimate, and we hope the resistance to continue and take the right of the Iraqi people and look forward to increased political wings”

ه In a separate context, Samarra’i said in the press conference he held in the Jordanian capital Amman on Sunday that a maximum contribution of $ 2300 U.S. dollars in support of the Democratic Party candidate, Senator Obama in the state of Chicago, explaining that by saying:

ا”. “States in the U.S. you have the right to donate cash, and I donated $ 2300 dollars for Obama.”

question by “Radio Sawa” on a partisan allegiance alliances revealed its quest to join the new bloc, led by Dr. Iyad Allawi, saying:

“اء”. “We bloc announced by Iyad Allawi, but not the movement of reconciliation. I support Iyad Allawi, he is the symbol of Iraqi Arabs and agree together many of the consensus.”

ن الجبوري قال: Commenting on the question, “Radio Sawa” about whether he has a firm alliance with radioactive or Sha’lan al-Juburi said:

“اء”. “I’ll be that the movement does not talk about names.”
ر العفو العام. The Samurai documents said she stresses to stop all legal proceedings against him and comprehensive resolution of amnesty.
لا It should be noted that former Minister of Electricity Ayham al-Samurai, managed to escape from his prison in Baghdad after his arrest on charges of embezzling state funds and damage in the course of his briefcase and Ministry of Electricity in the interim government led by Iyad Allawi.

ا: Details of the correspondent of “Radio Sawa” in Amman, Laos Tamimi:

I had a a hard time formatting this article, much is lost in translation-for example, I think the statement about the “Briefcase” is actually supposed mean “portfolio”. But the I put the gist of the article in bold type. When a terrorist announces his support for the liberal candidate, it must be broadcast. But all I hear is crickets from the Messiah-Stream-Media. So I guess Ill have to do it. Im not even linking it-if the Obamas and the terrorists dont like it, they can sue me..


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