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The "Great Democrat ‘Do as I say, not as I do’ Scandal of 2008"

Posted in Uncategorized by Patrick Truax on June 13, 2008

In response to a WSJonline story, excerpted below, we here at Artorius, are astounded that TWO, count’em TWO, liberal elitist Democrat Senators have been caught up in what we at Artorius are calling the “Great Democrat ‘Do as I say, not as I do’ Scandal”. First we had Chucky Schumer-Liberal Democrat Elitist-wanting to tax me in order to punish Oil companies, while he is driven around on the taxpayer dime. (See preceding story) Further, he just made 100,000 on a book he didnt write, but offered to pay no windfall tax on it. Nor will he. Silly readers, ethics are for Republicans!

Chuck Schumer-driving around on your dime

Now, Senator “Kennedy Waitress Sandwich” Dodd, has been caught getting preferential treatment from the very company his Senate Banking Committee was investigating! The cojones on these elitists! Dont bother trying to call his office, the press secratary is not answering calls. Its Friday after all, and they probably hope the story will die over the weekend. That will not be the case, Im tired of liberal elitists telling me to do one thing, while they do the opposite.

Senator Dodd-not paying points on a preferential loan. A loan the little people cant get..

Below is the excerpt of the Journal story:

Sen. Christopher Dodd, a top figure in Democrats’ response to the housing crisis, defended through a spokesman two mortgages he reportedly received under a special Countrywide Financial Corp. program that awarded preferential interest rates to people referred to as “friends” of the company’s chairman and chief executive, Angelo Mozilo.

“The Dodds received a competitive rate on their loans,” said Bryan DeAngelis, Sen. Dodd’s press secretary. “They did not seek or anticipate any special treatment, and they were not aware of any.” He declined further comment.

The news could cause headaches for the Connecticut senator, who is trying to negotiate housing legislation designed to deal with the foreclosure crisis. The final bill could include expanding a government program to insure up to $300 billion in refinanced home loans.

Publicly, Mr. Dodd has been critical of some of the mortgages in which Countrywide specialized, such as loans known as “payment-option ARMs,” adjustable-rate mortgages that give borrowers multiple payment options each month. In December 2007, he co-signed a letter to Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke that called these mortgages at Countrywide “abusive” because “these loans were not made on the basis of a borrower’s ability to pay.”

The “Friends of Angelo” program was first disclosed by The Wall Street Journal on Saturday and focused on former Fannie Mae Chief Executive James Johnson. Mr. Johnson resigned from Sen. Barack Obama’s vice-presidential-search task force because of loans he received from the mortgage lender under the little-known program.

Condé Nast Portfolio magazine reported Sen. Dodd’s participation in the program, among a handful of other Washington luminaries, on its Web site late Thursday. A spokesman for Countrywide, of Calabasas, Calif., didn’t return a message seeking comment…

We are shaking our heads here at Artorius. Not so much because of the Chutzpah displayed by Dodd and Schumer, but that nothing will be done about it. Had a Republican did or said what these two elitists did…


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