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Schumer made almost $100,000 from book

Posted in Uncategorized by Patrick Truax on June 13, 2008

Will Chuck Schumer impose a windfall tax on his book? Or is that just for people Schumer hates?

WASHINGTON – Newly released documents show New York Sen. Charles Schumer made almost $100,000 in royalties last year from his book, “Positively American.”

The senator’s financial disclosure forms made public Friday show he received $94,000 from Rodale Publishing for the book, a tome intended to guide Democrats to greater electoral success by connecting with middle-class voters.

Schumer spokesman Josh Vlasto says that after expenses and taxes, Schumer actually made about $50,000 from the book, which went to pay for his daughter’s college tuition.

Schumer is paid a Senate salary of $165,200. His wife, Iris Weinshall, a former New York City transportation commissioner, reported making slightly more than $200,000 working for the city and City University last year.

And Chuck, who doesnt pay for his own gas, wants you to pay more at the pump because he hates oil companies. Schumer’s only claim to fame is beating up on Oil execs for the camera. Yet, Chucky makes 100k from a Ghost written book (it has to be ghost written, by virtue of its title)and is still driven around on the taxpayer dime.

This blog is sick and tired of turning on the news and seeing liberal elitists attempt to speak for America. The staff here at Artorius believes that Chuck Schumer is the ultimate elitist and will therefore be working dilligently to exposing Schumer for the “do as I say, not as do” democrat he is..



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