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Chuck Schumer-Liberal Elitist Who Doesnt Pay for His Own Gas

Posted in Uncategorized by Patrick Truax on June 12, 2008

-Yet this Putz wants the taxpayers to pay more for gas to punish Oil Companies for being profitable…

“When in the Course of Human Events…”

When it is recognized that a Political Leader is so out of touch with reality like Senator Schumer, it behooves one to attempt to throw off the yoke totalitarianism. Make no mistake, Liberal Elitism, is just another form of totalitarianism . Chauffeured everywhere he goes, he doesn’t pay for his gas, you, the taxpayer do. But Chucky wants you to pay more. How much sense does that make? At a time where unemployment has just hit 5.5%, Chucky, whose job is secure, wants you to pick up the slack.

Liberal elitism has long undermined America, but it has never been more noticeable than here in the internet age. With the advent of Youtube, Flip, video, camera phones and other digital media, elitist’s Anti-Americanism comes to the forefront. Yet, folks like Schumer keep getting elected, much to our consternation. How does this keep happening? We at Atorius wish we knew. Do more than two people watch Olbermann’s hate speech filled show? I doubt it, but compare the two’s (Schumer’s and Keith’s) statements and sentiments, and you can see that they are reading from the same page. Granted Chucky’s speech may be a little more polished, but the message is the same-“Do as I say, not as I do.”

The Elitist is used to never having to say he’s sorry, but I intend to secure some flip video of the oily Senator “Doing” and not “Saying”. Will it mean anything? Or am I just preaching to the choir? It remains to be seen, but I have seen a brief part of the video, and I want the whole thing very badly.However, the person who is possession of the video, is desperately afraid of losing *** job. (The video was shot at DCA airport, where the Senator thought his taxpayer ticket trumped that of a paying passenger).Its a shame-Schumer would rather see someone fired for doing their job, than to face up to what he really is-a politician who is so out of touch with America, that he believes his mandate from the people of NYC makes him arbiter of things here in Missouri.

I say again, Senator, you don’t speak for me, nor do you speak for honest and reasonable people. We are praying we can obtain the video, but will refuse it if the person’s job is threatened, which knowing Chuck “I’m a United States Senator!!” Schumer, is exactly what will happen. Liberal elitists cant stand being exposed before their peers..

So stay tuned-its time for liberal elitists like Schumer to go, and we at Artorius will be working diligently toward that end, by exposing Schumer’s elitism for all to see..


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