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Posted in Uncategorized by Patrick Truax on April 23, 2008

Ok global warming cultists – Al Gore fans – you really need to sit down on this one. We don’t want you to get too upset. This is about his Oscar winning film on global warming “An Inconvenient Truth.” There’s a scene in that movie that shows the Antarctic ice shelf breaking up and virtually disintegrating. The problem is that wasn’t ice. That was Styrofoam. ABC News is reporting that Al Gore took that footage from the fictional movie “The Day After Tomorrow” and used it in his documentary. Way to go Al. That ice is just about as fake as you are.

Before we go on this day after Earth Day stuff … you will be interested in knowing that only about 35% of the people in this country are all that concerned about global warming. That is about the same percentage as about 20 years ago. At least our collective ignorance hasn’t increased all that much on this issue.

And while we’re learning that Al Gore used Styrofoam in his movie to depict his dream of melting ice caps, here we have some sort of think tank in the UK saying that climate change (the newest term for global warming) could lead to centuries of world war. Read into the story and you’ll find that the chief author of the report from what is termed a “defense think tank” is also the head of an environmental group. These people have an investment in so-called “climate change.” When we all realize that this climate change is part of a normal cycle that has been going on for millions of years what are the environmental groups going to do to raise money?

Al Gore, National Embarrassment..


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