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U.S. Web Host Pulls Dutch Lawmaker’s Site Promoting Anti-Islam Film

Posted in Uncategorized by Patrick Truax on March 23, 2008

A northern Virginia-based Internet host provider has suspended the Web site set up by a Dutch politician to promote his new film critical of Islam, after a spate of complaints and fears of a possible backlash, the French news service Agence France Presse reported.

Network Solutions pulled Dutch Member of Parliament Geert Wilders’ page Sunday while it reviewed whether its contents conformed to company policy forbidding offensive material, according to the report.

Over the past few weeks, angry mobs in Pakistan and Afghanistan have demonstrated against the film, which they say is as an insult to Islam.

Dutch lawmakers had urged Wilders to drop the project, fearing a repeat of the kind of protests seen worldwide following the publication in a Danish newspaper of cartoons depicting the prophet Muhammed — protests which led to tightened security at embassies across the Muslim world.

Network Solutions said it took Wilder’s site offline due to technical reasons including “excessive use of services which shall impair the fair use of other Network Solutions customers”, the report stated.

The far-right lawmaker planned to make the 15-minute film available to viewers over the Internet after failing to find a distributor. Although Wilders’ Web site is offline, he said Sunday that he still wants to put out the movie “on the Internet quickly,” though he did not specify how, AFP reported.

Wilders told FOX News in January that he believed Western culture was better off than the “retarded” Islamic culture. He also likened the Koran to Adolf Hitler’s book, ‘Mein Kampf.’

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Freedom of the press, media or speech only applies when applicable. Confused? Me, too. Fear of complaints or backlash,eh? What about the teddybear teacher in Africa who was jailed for naming a bear Mohammed? What about Nicolas Berg? The countless people killed by Islamic extremism?

When the Catholics and Protestants were butchering eachother in the UK, each side of non-combatants would scream bloody murder that Catholics dont condone this crap. The same with a majority Protestants when the loyalists committed terror acts. After centuries of fighting and bad blood, the two sides said enough and went to the table. Now, there hasnt been any violence in a couple of years, and the two sides are really working hard to stay on civil terms.

I know that a faith that boasts a billion followers cant all be butchers. But the only time you hear from them en masse, is when they are “offended” by something. And quickly everyone scrambles to appease. I can no longer NOT paint with a broad brush-its not fair that we have to adjust our lifestyle and culture to a people that pays lip service to us while plotting against us. Until enough of the “peaceful” Muslims start speaking out against the madness, I have to be wary.

It troubles me greatly to be in this situation, but how can we be welcoming if the welcomees dont like us, preach hate against us in their houses of worship, and use our civil liberties as weapons against us?

Click here for more on this story from AFP as it appears on


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