Artorius Castus

Whats a Voter to do?

Posted in Uncategorized by Patrick Truax on March 18, 2008

2008 is shaping up to be the most contentious election in my lifetime. Never before has so much been placed on such mediocre candidates. Barack looks good, speaks better, and darn it, people like him. But he lacks substance, experience, and lets face it, possesses a certain naivete, that would doom the country in time of crisis. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, looks shopworn, screeches instead of speaking, and is unpopular with at least 45% of the country. But she gives off an aura of confidence, has 50% of the media on her campaign staff, and is ruthless, cunning, and bold enough to bully anybody. And due to her husband’s and her own pursuit of power, she is also scandal plagued. She is been involved in cover ups, illegal campaign donations and ethics charges. But I think she would handle a crisis a lot better than Barack would. So do we vote for the least liberal, or the least crooked, of the two? Or do we vote for John Mcain?



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