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Bush begins Africa trip in Benin

Posted in Uncategorized by Patrick Truax on February 16, 2008

US President George W Bush has arrived in Benin at the start of his first presidential tour of Africa since 2003.
After talks with President Thomas Boni Yayi, he renewed a US pledge to supply mosquito nets to tackle malaria.

And he called for a power-sharing agreement to end Kenya’s violence following disputed presidential polls.

He said he would highlight African success stories during his six-day, five-nation visit, even though he remained committed to ending turmoil.

God love ya, George, but it wont work. Too many of these African countries have been ruined by despotic rule, civil war, the hard turn to communism after colonialism, and a general “who cares?” attitude. Recall in 94 when the Hutus and the Tutsis were butchering eachother in Rwanda. We did nothing about that, but sure as hell went to War with NATO and Europe in the Balkans when the same thing was happening in Europe’s backyard. Africa needs to be torn down down and started over again..

Read more at the BBC..


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