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President Hillary Clinton, 2010 part II

Posted in Uncategorized by Patrick Truax on December 19, 2007

The War Room was quiet as one by one, red lights lit up on the situation map. This wasn’t a map of Iraq or Afghanistan, it was a map of the Midwestern part of America. News of the deaths of the Supremes had hit the wires and it was causing a backlash Refer to earlier story… . “We have done this stuff before,” Hillary mused. “Why is it such a big deal now?” The phones were ringing off the hook, and the servers at the White House and Congress all crashed. The blogosphere was insane over what they perceived as Hillary’s treachery. Crowds were forming outside of the White House, and Hillary had just been handed a note that half of the USSS detailed to the White House failed to show for work. “Fire them all!” she ranted. Huma rushed to her side to soothe her. “Love, why don’t you lay down for awhile and let us discuss what is going on, when he have a plan, I’ll come and get you,” she purred. Hillary got the puppy dog look in her eyes and relented.

Huma turned back to the map on the wall. Saint Louis was burning, Chicago’s municipal workers had all stayed home as did most of the folks working in the transportation industry. It was rumored that the banks would be closing tomorrow and that Wall Street would remain idle for yet another week. In Memphis, blacks and whites alike marched together towards city hall to protest the rumored suspension of the Bill of Rights, which one Clinton staffer admitted, had been discussed. It turned ugly when City police refused to take orders from the Mayor, who was elected with the help of the Clintons. Police officers refused to report and joined the marchers. When the White House ordered the military into Saint Louis and Memphis, Wesley Clark, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, sent elements of the 101st. Battle hardened and quite familiar with street fighting, the troops that jumped into the cities were wary of turning their guns inward. They took up defensive positions around each city with their field HQ being in Columbia Bottom wildlife preserve along the Mississippi, north of Saint Louis.

Their commander swore as he read the orders from the Chairman, “seek out and destroy all elements of the insurrection. Prisoners taken shall be moved into the Old Jefferson City prison”.

“My God,” he thought. “Insurrection? These are Americans protesting the dismantling of the Constitution!” For now he had only ordered helicopters into the area, in hopes that the sight of them would be enough. So far it wasn’t working; two tractor trailers were burning at the interchange of I-70-64-55, and down by the stadium, a crowd had gathered and were getting restless. Things were worse in Memphis-the cops that joined the protesters were armed and skirmishes had already broken out between soldiers of the 101 and the mob.

Back in the White House situation room, NID Sandy Berger was decidedly uncomfortable with the conversation going on around him. Stealing documents to cover up his old boss’s treachery was one thing, JDAMS and Daisy cutters being used in US cities against US citizens was entirely different. He also didn’t have a problem with advising use of the military, he just couldn’t believe how quickly the crisis erupted. Once news of the Justices hit the wires, things went nuts. But it really got worse when President Hillary ordered in Executive Order ********, all place of worship were to be closed down temporarily, due to the “fomenting of right wing hate”. Churches, Synagogues, and Temples were all closed. But she allowed mosques to remain open because of her Muslim Army Chief of staff and of course, Huma.

In the meantime, the Canadians had raised their alert level and closed their border to all traffic from America. Russia had staged a huge Naval exercise 400 miles offshore, but the US had nothing to counter; most of the fleet was at sea bringing food, ipods, and medicine to the poor countries of the world.

Berger sighed, with pardon orders already being served at the Moundsville Correctional Facility for Lynne Stewart’s release and Bill Clinton being granted his law license back (again through executive order), the press wolves were at the door. Knowing Hillary needed the two in place just long enough for the Court to hear the New America case, they would connect the dots soon enough. “I have turned coat before, nobody will be surprised when it happens again,” he thought as he took out his Blackberry 8800 G, and began typing an email to the Senate Majority and Minority Leaders along with their counterparts in the House.

Lynne Stewart couldn’t believe her luck. Two years into her sentence for aiding and abetting terrorism, the ultra leftwing lawyer was getting a full pardon to be installed a Supreme Court Justice! All of those illicit trysts with Hillary had finally paid off. She recalled the young marxist as she packed her stuff up. The first time they had slept together was after that rally in New York where she was recruited by the KGB. Lynne knew all about it as she, too, was recruited by Gennady Petrovich. She grew tired of Hillary as a lover quickly; Hillary was cold fish bent solely on her desire for total power through marxism. “Well, who cares? I’m out and will be in a powerful spot,” she thought. The guards escorted her out of the prison where she was greeted by throngs of demanding reporters.

“Ms Stewart, is your full pardon connected with the deaths of the two Justices?”

“Ms Stewart, will Rachman be getting a pardon, too?”

The clamoring followed her all the way to the USSS Suvs to escort her to the Capitol for hers and Bill Clinton’s recess appointment to the highest court…

Stayed tuned for more of life under Comrade Hillary..


2 Responses

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  1. Dade said, on December 19, 2007 at 10:09 pm


    What will you do when Hillary doesn’t get the Democratic nomination? Won’t that leave you kind of –er– rudderless?

    Anyway, thanks for stopping by my blog. I appreciate that you took the time to comment.

    Holiday best to you and your family!

  2. Patrick Truax said, on December 19, 2007 at 10:45 pm

    Thanks for responding. I dont care if the Democrats DO win, I just dont want that democrat to win. And there certainly is no Republican candidates worth shilling for..

    Best to you and yours as well..

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