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Man pardoned over Saudi rape case

Posted in Uncategorized by Patrick Truax on December 19, 2007

CNN) — Saudi King Abdullah’s letter pardoning a rape victim from 200 lashes and six months in prison for appearing in public with an unrelated male also included a pardon for the man she was with, according to the Saudi Justice Minister.

The case cast light on the treatment of women under Saudi Arabia’s strict Islamic law.

Minister of Justice Abdallah bin Mohammed al-Sheikh, in a phone call to a Saudi Television newscast Monday, also said contrary to earlier reports the woman’s lawyer did not lose his license for defending her.

Until now, it was not confirmed that the male companion, who was abducted along with the 19-year-old woman last March, had also faced charges. While details of what happened to the man while the woman was raped have not been made public, the King’s letter concluded that he also suffered “torture” along with her.

Gee, maybe I have been all wrong about the House of Saud, they seem to be merciful and just!

Whatever, the public outcry over what is a matter of course in the wicked kingdom, has forced them to retract. But have the rules been changed? No. Can a woman still be charged with indecency if she is raped? Absolutley. Is Sharia law being overhauled? *snort*

Our friends the Saudis have NONE of our interest in OUR interests. If they werent so inherently lazy, they would train their numerous unemployed masses to run all things they pay westerners to do. Then they would have has by the short and curlies. But instead we play the charade of diplomacy, while they acquire more and more land in America, and train their nationals in Madrassas in New York, Virginia, and LA..


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