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CNN Fails to Mention Retired Gay General’s Endorsement of Hillary

Posted in Uncategorized by Patrick Truax on November 29, 2007

By Matthew Balan | November 28, 2007 – 22:28 ET

[Update: Keith Kerr was known to CNN as a gay activist as far back as December 2003, when he was featured in this CNN article.]

CNN, as part of its Republican debate with YouTube, failed to mention that retired general Keith Kerr, who announced he was gay after his retirement from the Army, is a member of Hillary Clinton’s “LGBT Americans For Hillary Steering Committee.” Not only did General Kerr ask the question via a YouTube video, but he was also present in the audience, and got to ask the candidates for a “straight answer” (pardon the pun).

Imagine that, ANOTHER Hildebeast plant. How dishonest can Hillary and Clinton News Network be?

Read more at Newsbusters..


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