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The Trouble with Marx….

Posted in Uncategorized by Patrick Truax on November 6, 2007

Here is a link to the Socialist Rally flyer

It is an ANSWER function which means every loon from the Free Mumia! folks to the Anarchists. I found in the RSS feed from the World Workers Paper,so you wouldnt have to. I love to read the Workers World Weekly. It is the antithesis to everthing I have ever been brought up to believe. It is like the Anti-Bible. And to think people still think this way still, at the beginning of the new millenium!

The Socialist Utopia imagined by Marx and Engels just doesnt work. It has been proven not to work. In Cuba, forensic crime scene units use burned palm frond ash for fingerprint powder. In North Korea, the citizens are eating tree bark, while fat Kim lives on imported food and Dutch hookers. In China, the internet is blocked by he same web filters that we have at work. Lastly, look at the Hell holes in Africa that are fashioned after Marx and Lenin. (A lot of the “Educated” blacks in Africa, not a few of whom are government positions today, were “educated” at the Patrice Lumbaba school in Moscow designed for visiting third worlders with a socialist bent. “Educated” is in in quotes, denoting skepticism at what might pass for education at Patrice Lumbaba, most of it would be Marxist Indoctrination, along with Russian History which will serve a student real well in Luanda). Finally, look at the contributions to society these countries have produced or brought forth, (that they didnt steal or copy, of course)and the most glaring indication that Marxism doesnt work is revealed.

When one insists on equality, they are really insisting on reducing to the lowest common denominator. Now before anyone gets up in arms, Im not referring to Black Americans who struggled for equality in voting, schools, and civil rights. Nor am I disparaging anyone who has fought for basic freedoms and rights. The ones that insist reducing to the LCD, are the ones that basically want to eliminate class. We know how well this worked in the Rodina. But when one makes everyone and everything equal, where is the drive to succeed? The moxie to work a little harder for that retirement? The commitment to be the best at something?

When a society reduces, like the Soviet Union, all the classes are eliminated, thats true, in theory. Someone has to enforce laws, make them, oversee government departments, and generally run a country. This requires education, which was available, in theory, to all citizens of the Soviet Union. In truth, most of the peasants were unable for one reason or another to attend school further than grade school. The ones fortunate enough to attend the schools in Moscow and Leningrad, usually had help. Political help which could have only come from some in a position to make important decisions. But if we are equal, paid equally, insured equally and all serve the State, how can there be someone in a position over another? We are all equal, right?

Of course not. And therein lies the problem with Marxism. In order to eliminate class, you have to create a ruling class to rule the rest, the very anithesis of socialism and equality!


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  1. Patrick Truax said, on November 6, 2007 at 6:41 am

    Commies suck..

  2. Catty Ax Lady said, on November 6, 2007 at 7:13 am

    socialists suck.

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