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Hillary in Pictures

Posted in Uncategorized by Patrick Truax on November 2, 2007

This morning we are going to run a Hillary montage of pics. With descriptions on each one. If we can pursuade one Hillary voter to vote another way, our work will have purpose.

Staff at Artorius

The Hillary campaign is in unique in the aspect that she is the most polarizing cacndidate that I can remember. Married to a charlatan during his tenure in the Oval Office, Billy Jeff played while Hillary did all of the behind the scenes work. That was her price to pay to set up for 2008. Since Bubba was too busy boinking fat iterns and finishing off in the sink, a lot of day to day Clinton Policy was left to the queen, the real power behind the Clinton Administration. Thats when the public was introduced to Travelgate.

The White House Travel office had been staffed by the same employees for years. But Hillary wanted two of her own acolytes in that position, as she wanted keep tabs on the movement of all White House staffers. There was just one problem, the people who were working in that office were quite comfortable, and like most White House permanent staff, could not be moved without good reason. The next thing we knew, Billy Dale, the gent in charge of the Travel office was indicted for embezzling for White House travel money. Totally false charges of course, but the whole staff was fired. When Dale went to court, he was found completely innocent in about 2 hours. This frame up should have earned Hillary the derision she so richly deserves, but all the Clintons had to say was, “We wish him well in his future endevours”.

Read more about TravelGate here..

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The next Hillary move was to bring in Craig Livingstone as “White House Security”. This move did not make the USSS happy at all, and they concluded that this Livingstone character was actually a “fixer”. This notion came to light in this article here from the CNN/Time news service-

WASHINGTON (AllPolitics, July 25) — Though she’s denied any involvement with hiring Craig Livingstone, some FBI documents suggest Hillary Clinton helped the former security office head get White House clearance, a congressman charged.

House Government Reform and Oversight Chairman William Clinger (R-Penn.) took to the House floor, saying newly obtained FBI notes from 1993 show then-White House counsel Bernard Nussbaum telling an agent that Mrs. Clinton knew and could vouch for Livingstone, who was undergoing a background check.

Clinger read from the notes of agent Dennis Sculimbrene that Livingstone “came highly recommended to him by Hillary Clinton, who has known his mother for quite some time.”

The only problem was Hillary never met Livingstones mother. So in addition to Hillary illegally handling classified material, she was having Livingstone collect it, mostly in the form of FBI personnel records. Oh, was it mentioned yet that these files were on Republicans? Typically, Clinton stonewalled the media for the prerequiste time and the story just kind of died. Nice to have the media on your side, eh?

Read more here about Hillary’s thug in chief, Craig Livingstone..

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vince foster

Vince Foster’s saga evokes more emotion than most of the countless Clinton Crimes. There were so many inconsistencies in Hillary’s story and those of her staffers, that this case should have a permanently assigned Special Prosecutor. (An invention of the Democrats by the way, after Watergate). One of the most glaring inconsistencies in the Foster case is that while his car was found at Fort Marcy Park, his were keys were not. How did he drive there then? And how did they magically appear at the medical examiner’s 3 days later? Lastly, the type of gun that Vince used, would have launched the fire arm out of his hand when he pulled the trigger; it had a strong recoil. Yet, the gun was found firmly gripped in his hand. Earlier this week Artorius was contacted by someone purporting to have a tape of the day of Foster’s demise, leaving the White House at the time claimed by witnesses. We have seen the clip-it does indeed show Foster leaving around 1330 in the same clothes he was found in. “Not so,” says our dubious informant, “That is not the same tape-it was substituted to establish a time line”. A deal has not been reached yet with the informant, who only contacts us on throway phones. Artorius Counter-Intel folks have been trying to track him since last week. There is, however, some division in the Artorius Political intelligence department. Some fear our mysterious caller may a provacoteur, or a plant from the Hillaries. We agreed to proceed on two levels, first one team will continue to track down the informant; while they other tries to discredit him. Foster’s death stinks, so to speak. If I was an investigator with the Park Police, I would have been very skeptical of the suicide note found three days later in Vince’s Office. But his office was cleaned out the night his death was announced-this is proven by surveillance tapes that investgators saw and was shown on TV. How then, was the note not found until three days later? If it was found in his briefcase, as we have heard, wouldnt that be the first place investigators would have looked? But dont just accept our take on these three Hillary scandals-click on the links after each one, which will link you to many different sources of the same scandal. We look forward to a lot of input of this thread-the Hillaries all bleat VRWC!, while we say, “Follow the money..”

Read more on Vince Foster here

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Hillary at a BBQ with the “little people, right after DNC mandated inoculation for the diseases the “little people are known to have”.

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Its the only way to save America, according to Hillary. How much is she going give up?

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Looking good, Senator, looking Real Good…

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Hillary practicing for her shot at the White House.

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Hillary making plans with Arafat’s punch for later on..

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“Wait til I get my hands on those Artorius clowns!”

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“What?? I have to touch a peasant?!”Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Cleavage? Does Hillary think she can entice votes with airbrushed boobs??

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Please take the time to look at the links provided-they offer some insight the average person doesnt know.

artorius staff


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  1. Patrick Truax said, on November 2, 2007 at 4:50 pm

    All Hillary all the time with the media-somone has got to counter it..

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