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President Hillary Clinton, 2010

Posted in Uncategorized by Patrick Truax on October 31, 2007

The meeting in the War Room was not going well. Six weeks out from the November midterms, and every single poll was predicting a landslide Republican victory. Incumbent democrats in both the House and Senate were trailing their Republican challengers by 10 points or more, and those numbers had remained fairly constant through the summer. Every single piece of legislation put forth by the Hillary administration was blocked in committee; the Republicans absolutely refused to discuss ANYTHING and were not even meeting their Donkey counterparts. As result of the imposed Legislative standstill, the administration was turning to more and more executive orders in order to even start working on Hillary’s “New America”.

Amber Holloway, aide to Hillary’s Chief of Staff, sighed inwardly. This isn’t government or leadership; it is a war room, back alley, dirty politics, designed to keep the opposition in check. Not once in the last week had the new immigration bill been discussed. Nor had they even touched on the burgeoning health crisis in the country. When Hillary announced her “Open Borders” plan, allowing anyone to seek entry into the United States, the border states had reported a 50% increase in Typhoid, TB and Dengue fever cases. The problem was, the immigrants were treated first, as part of the “New Citizen” plan. US citizens were forced to wait in line behind the influx of third worlders for treatment in the government health centers.

Amber snorted to herself-“Government Health Centers, now there was a bright idea!” On January 25, 2009, President Clinton, by executive order, had nationalized all of the hospitals, clinics, and doctors. Those who had opted to keep their own insurance coverage and doctors, suddenly found themselves without healthcare-the executive order demanded everybody be registered for “America Care” by 24 January. Obviously, with only three days warning, not even 1% of legal Americans were registered, forcing them to the back of the line. In one case in Georgia, a church bus that had turned over on the highway with a youth group on board, was denied treatment because they were not registered and all of the Atlanta area hospitals were still mired in the back log of “Health Certification” for the newly arrived immigrants. Further since it was a church group, special forms had to be filled out and the newly formed Domestic Security Department, a Cabinet Post, had held up treatment because youth was a Christian outfit. All religious groups had to register for healthcare and provide the health and personal records of every parishoner, congregant, and Temple denizen. Those of the Islamic faith were exempt.

But that’s not why they were in this meeting today. This was an emergency cabinet meeting called by the Domestic Security Director, Anne Lewis. Under Executive order [redacted] President Clinton suspended the 2nd Ammendemnt due to rise in crime caused by the influx of immigrants. American citizens were not turning in their registered weapons as decreed by the order. The uniformed para-militaries from the Domestic Security Department were forced to go door to door, and when they did, they were stonewalled by the patriots with such comments as “I dont own it anymore, I dropped it in the lake” or “My car was broken into and the Sig was stolen,” When queried about a police report, most respondents just shrugged, “We thought you guys might be a little busy building those houses for the immigrants..”

The Para militaries were basically union thugs who were hired for Domestic Security based soley on political reliability. The resulting clashes with citizens who refused to disarm were bloody, and one of them in Missouri was quelled by National Guard troops, who had to fire upon their fellow Midwesterners when they refused to disperse. This in turn caused several Guard and Reserve units in the Midwest to refuse mobilization orders when ordered into Saint Louis for “crowd safety”. Parts of North City looked liked Soweto in 70’s, and the police refused to either report or take a complaint without military escort. These weren’t, however, poor minorites fighting in the streets; oh there were some to be sure, but it was a mix of Americans, no ethnocentricities. The footage of suit and tie Clayton types protesting along with airline employees, contruction workers, state and county workers, and more than a few precincts in the police ditricts who failed to show up, were aired every 30 minutes on the cable news. Amber turned back to the heated discussion at the table.

“We must activate the 82 Airborne to quell the unrest in Missouri, Madam President!” Anne Lewis bleated. “We must have the citizery disarmed and docile or the next phase of society change can’t be initiated!”

When the first signs of dissent started appearing in the Midwest and West, Hillary ordered the Army Chief of Staff, Noorah Abdulla, the first Muslim women General, to move the entire division to an undisclosed location within the United States. Cut off from all comms (no internet, no cell phones, nothing), they were completely in the dark about what was going on along the Mississippi River. When they were to be activated, the were going to be told a group of sleepers had incited riots and launched a terror attack from the city, requiring martial law.

“I concur, Hillary”, the only man in the room who could call her that said. Sandy Berger’s career had been revived when he was appointed National Intelligence Director. In his position, he saw EVERYTHING. At first, the veteran FBI Counter intellgence officer refused to even accept the application for Berger’s Code Word clearance. Suddenly there was talk of a new position for the FBI agent-legal Attache in Mauratania. With six months to retirement, he relented. Even a year after of living the retired life on his Colorado ranch, he still felt guilty knowing about a gaping hole in National Security, and not being able to do anything about it.
“Nipping these seditious insurrections in the bud now will save us trouble later,” The NID said. “Further, they will show this administration doesnt tolerate dissen, er, terrorism.” Berger said while stratching his leg which was strangely accompanied by the sound of rustling paper.

“Terrorism? These are Americans of all stripes that are furious at our suspending a constitutional ammendment!” The Labor Secretary exclaimed. A fairly decent chap, he was uncomfortable with some of the changes being made while “tweaking Freedom”, as Hillary called it.

“The Constitution is outdated. It must be changed to be more in line with modern America,” intoned Madam President. “And I must get to my meeting with the GLBTA Secretary.” She said as she gathered up her stuff and was escorted out of the room not by the USSS, but the thuggish pinkerton types from Domestic Security. At the door she turned to the Army Chief of Staff who was slipping off her shoes and laying out a prayer rug in the Situation Room. She pointed the rug toward the mark of Islam painted on the wall by order of the Diversity Secretary in all government buildings denoting where East was. “Noora, activate the 82nd, but finish your prayers first,” the President said kindly. Kind of like a spider might.

Amber went back to her office in the Old Executive Building. Her current task was to analyze how the Supremes would rule on the suspension of the Second Amendment, the Open Borders policy, and the establishment of America Care. They were due back from recess in three weeks.

Chief Justice John Roberts boarded NWA flight 1 from MSP-HNL. A 747, the Chief Justice preferred to fly commercial-especially in the 747. He always upgraded and took his seat upstairs where got a glass of orange juice and took out his laptop. He perused his email and then shut it down for take off. Once airborne, he retrieved it and began working on his ruling on the America Care act. It was a waste of time, he knew he would rule against it. Deciding to let his clerk write up his ruling when he got back, he took out a DVD, Volume III of “Victory At Sea”, and settled back to watch.

Amber sighed, this as a waste of time, she thought as the Chief Justice winged his way over the Cascades. At least 5 would rule against all three of the cases pending, the “swing” vote, who usually voted with the democrats, was solidily in the against column it had been reported. “Oh, well, they will be back and ruling in three weeks, and we’ll deal with it then,” she thought as she shut down her computer and signed for the copies she made during the day. She went to the burn room with her burn bag with a Domestic Security thug, who watched intently as she fed all of the contents into the incinerator. Satisfied, he signed the duty log and said good night.

The 747-400 is a remarkable machine. A four engine monster capable of carrying up to 350 people, 400 in some configurations, it was one of the most used models for long haul flights. Much wider than most allowed some space from the cattle car seating on some of the smaller airplanes. Due to its sleek design and wind, it is able to trim up fairly easily. Level off, a little pitch trim adjustment, and hand the flight over to Honeywell Flight Management Systems, who would really be flying airplane to Hawaii.

Before the Hawaii trip, Aircraft number N847NW had flown over the pole from Osaka. Before Osaka, she was down for a Block Check in Northwest’s Seattle Maintenance facilty, where after being completly taken apart and put back together by NorthWest Quality Inspectors, she was given a clean bill of health, and was ferried into position for her Osaka turn. As NWA1 went feet wet off the Washington Coast, they encountered some rough air and the First Officer who was flying the leg, leaned forward and adjusted the trim. At that moment the EICAS, or Engine Indication Crew Alerting System, lit up with an amber pitch trim failure. “My airplane,” said the Captain, as he took the yoke. What happened next is unclear. Accident investigators were denied the Flight Data Recorder by Domestic Security, but if they weren’t, they would have learned that the vertical Stab jackscrew had given way at the same time the rudder went hard over. Causing a porpoising spiralling descent, it slammed into the Northern Pacific at 300 miles an hour. The Chief Justice was already dead; a flying galley cart had hit him and a flight attendant before impact. Had the investigators had a look at the FDR, they would have also found that some of the flight control code had been tweaked, the Supremes were down to 8 Justices just like that.

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is well known for his love for RVing. One of the most respected, extremely intelligent, and conservative Judges on the Bench, and despite the media portraying him during his nomination as an ogre, he is actually quite popular. As he wound his way down Colorado 14 to Fort Collins, he mused over the upcoming cases they had agreed to hear. It was useless, he thought, it will be ruled against in a heartbeat. He slowed down to negotiate a hairpin that had him dangerously close to the edge of the road. He glanced down at the 1000 ft drop into the Cache La Poudre river. His eyes returned to the road just in time to see another RV coming right at him. He jerked the wheel over hard to avoid the edge, but he had no way of knowing that the tie rods had been loosened and weakened and timed to give way when the Justice was on the dangerous mountain road. He shot straight forward and over the edge. The impact of the 1000 foot drop destroyed any signs that anyone might have tampered with the steering.

At 0243, Amber found her self back in the situation room where it buzzing with the news of the Supremes. The media was already speculating Hillary would make two rush recess appointments to replace the Judges. There was also a sense of unease-two Supremes who stood in the way of Hillary’s New America policy had died within hours of eachother-one in a plane crash and the other in an auto wreck. Even as loyal as the staffers were, the irony was not lost them that history was seeming to repeat itself. President Clinton swept into the room and ordered everybody to their seats. “What is the press saying?” She demanded. “Nothing yet,” Press Secretary Katie Couric said. “But they will be. Madam President, I have to ask, did you have any knowldge of this beforehand?”

Her Highness look shocked. “Why, Katie, No! How could I know a plane ws going to crash? Or an RV would go off a cliff?” She wailed.

The relief was evident on a number of faces in the room. They would be on tape in the room when Hillary denied any knowledge.

“Good,” said Amber’s boss, Hillary’s Chief of Staff, Joe Wilson. “I have two of the best recess appointments here. We can announce as early as noon tomorrow,” said the reptile.

“Who?” asked Hillary and Katie in unison.

“Well one involves getting someone out of prison…” his voiced trailed off.

“Lynne Stewart!” exclaimed Hillary. “of course! Draw up the pardon papers, I’ll sign them right now!”

“Already done,” said smarmy Joe Wilson, as he hander her a manila envelope.

“Whos the other appointment going to be?” Hillary demanded eagerly.

“Your Husband,” he said, grinning wickedly.


9 Responses

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  1. Patrick Truax said, on October 31, 2007 at 6:28 pm

    Stayed tuned for the second installment about the three week Constitutional Crisis caused by Hillary’s treachery..

  2. Catty Ax Lady said, on October 31, 2007 at 7:45 pm

    Clairvoyance, anyone? Absolutely frightening that this is actually a possiblity. We must do everything in our power to keep this from coming to fruition.

  3. Patrick Truax said, on October 31, 2007 at 7:51 pm

    Apparently she bombed the debate last night, but it was probably all choreographed and scripted right down the line.

  4. roryb said, on October 31, 2007 at 8:23 pm

    a sign of things to come…beware America, she will destroy us!!!

  5. Patrick Truax said, on October 31, 2007 at 8:34 pm

    I guess it working now..

  6. Jack Meove said, on November 1, 2007 at 8:06 pm

    She needs to be “ Swift boated “ about her hubby pardoning of the terrorists at the end of his term.

    I believe the name of the group was FALN and the attack was on Wall Street February 28 1982.

    Google it for yourself!

    Jack Meove

  7. axe said, on November 1, 2007 at 8:39 pm

    Fiction, but a truly frightening scenario. A Hillary! administration would be the end of the United States as we know it. Stand by for another Supreme Soviet.

  8. Patrick Truax said, on November 1, 2007 at 8:44 pm

    The Politburo is already being formed-Sand Berger will be the NSA again, and look for Stffie to come back and be press secretary, Richard Clark, as SECSTATE, and that loony chick who hangs out with code pink and Cindy now that she has retired from service. Her name escapes me..

  9. Patrick Truax said, on November 1, 2007 at 8:45 pm

    Norm, stand by for Swiftboat article number one in a few hours, Im holding publication to finish it..

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