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Israel strike ‘targeted Syrian nuclear reactor’

Posted in Uncategorized by Patrick Truax on October 14, 2007

By Alex Spillius in Washington
Last Updated: 5:42pm BST 14/10/2007

Israel’s secretive air strike inside Syria last month was directed at a site judged by Israeli and US intelligence analysts to be a partly constructed nuclear reactor, according to a report.
Israel has not given any details on the operation in Syria
Officials said the reactor was modelled on one in North Korea used for stockpiling nuclear weapons fuel but was in the early stages of development.

Hmmm. Where did they get the reactor? DPRK? The Soviet, er Russians? The French? Or was it(or the components to build one) spirited into Syria during the run-up to the Iraq war? The Iraqi’s wouldnt think twice about using military trucks disguised as UN trucks to move WMDs to the border. The whole time we were playing Diplomat with Kofi and Jacques, Syria overnight became a member, or almost became a member of the nuclear club. What else did they get without us knowing?

Consider this, as well. The Syrians, in a matter of a year increased its military posture considerably. The Middle East watchers here at Artorius believe its partially because they were suddenly flush with the components for WMDs. Consider also, that it was Syrian backed rebels or whatever you want to call them, who initiated the war in Lebanon last year. (I still have the Magan David taped up in my living room window from last year. Artorius supports Israel unconditionally)The spin from the Drive By Media made it seem that Israel deserved it, even though missiles supplied by the Syrians (I wonder where THEY got them to give out)launched into Israel escalated badly an already tense situation. If the Palestinians want Statehood so bad, there is plenty of space on Sinai, on the Arabian Peninsula and North Africa. At the risk of waxing apocalyptic, that land belonged to the decscendents of David, God said so. I might be mixing up my theology a little bit here, but the fact the remains that that God has decreed that land be Israel. Twice he has returned the Jews to their Homeland, are we sure we want to screwing with God’s decrees?

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  1. Patrick Truax said, on October 14, 2007 at 6:32 pm

    The Syrians profitted greattly from the Iraq war. Saddam hid all of his illegal weapons there during the run up to the Iraq War.

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