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Shadowy Russian Firm Seen as Conduit for Cybercrime

Posted in Uncategorized by Patrick Truax on October 13, 2007

By Brian Krebs Staff Writer
Saturday, October 13, 2007; Page A15

An Internet business based in St. Petersburg has become a world hub for Web sites devoted to child pornography, spamming and identity theft, according to computer security experts. They say Russian authorities have provided little help in efforts to shut down the company.

The Russian Business Network sells Web site hosting to people engaged in criminal activity, the security experts say.

A front company for the KGB, I’ll bet. When the Soviet Union fell, there were a lot of “experts” that were suddenly found without jobs. Where did all of these people go, do you think? Well, some, if not most, went to work for the Mafia. Using their expertise taught in KGB in criminal applications, they were pleased to discover that the training translated nicely from espionage and tradecraft. In my opinion, that how the Russian Mafia got so big so fast. But where did the rest go?

Gone are the days when we perrenially ahead of the Russians in technology. In an age where one can order computers components right of the web, components that 15 years ago would have been banned for export, it hasnt taken long for the Russians as a whole to make a great leap forward, so to speak. It is the opinion of the Russia watchers here at Artorius, that those former “specialists” with the Soviet Government,(that didnt go the mafia route, although sometimes the lines are blurred between the two) never stopped working with the government. Make no mistake, the KGB was made up of smart people. Now that they have the tools that gave us the edge during the Cold War, how will they use them? A paid consultant to Artorius thinks that it will be business as usual. “Counter-espionage, stealing trade secrets, and basically the same activity we saw during the Cold war will continue well into the 21st century.”

Under the guise of hosting porn sites, the Russians can put foreign currency into their coffers with endevours like this. Yep, I’ll bet its a KGB..Oh, all right, an FSB operation..


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