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Clinton Hints Donors May Give Again

Posted in Uncategorized by Patrick Truax on September 12, 2007

1.Who was the 850,000 dollars returned to? Last week, the the campaign said it was going to a charity, now its being return to the “donors”. Given that these donors were mostly straw donors, (the Paws, for example)Just who is the money going to?

2. Will the Hillary camapign be providing updated tax information reflecting the repercussions of this latest scandal?

3. Will the campaign self disclose their use of straw tatics to get around Federal Election laws to the FEC, IRS, and FBI, given that the sheer amount of donations amount to felonies? If self diclosure is a problem for Clinton Campaign (it always has been in the past)please forward the updated tax documents to me and I’ll forward them to our contacts at the above listed agencies.

4. When we expect a response from the Senator or a statement regarding these felonies?


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  1. Patrick Truax said, on September 12, 2007 at 7:24 pm

    These questions were emailed to campaign at 1425 CST..

  2. Patrick Truax said, on September 12, 2007 at 7:32 pm

    This kind Clintonian spin add creedence to the old joke, Why doesnt wear skirts or dresses? Too easy to see her balls..

    And this statement show the stones she has. She is thumbing her nose at America…again

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