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Senility and Gentility-A Study in Legislative Geriatrics

Posted in Uncategorized by Patrick Truax on January 11, 2007

Over the next few weeks, I will be profiling several of our more entrenched legislators. Those for whom terms limits would be most appropriate. I will begin this foray into the Senate first, and then move on the House. To be sure, most of the antics displayed by the profiled Senators and Congresscritters are well documented, however most of the damning, and and lets face it, incredible follies that these mandarins engage in, are promptly covered up and spun by a willing, complicit and fawning media. For example-Rush Limbaugh admits a drug addiction and seeks help, and is called a scumbag and hypocrite by such intellectual giants as Katie Couric and Al Franken. But when a hopped up and drunken Patrick Kennedy crashes into a police barrier at 3 in the morning, he is not only NOT taken into custody (he is a Kennedy after all), but was driven home by the Capitol Police. When he announces he is “sick” and needs help and will be seeking it, the same intellectual giants proclaim his courageousness, bravery and offer prayers for his speedy recovery. All too often, the voting public who should know about what their Reps and Senators are up to, are shielded from the truth, and come away with facts not in evidence..

So stay tuned, folks and be watching for my first profile in ineptitude, “Ted Kennedy, the Liberal Sea Lion of the Senate and the Oldsmobile”. Also, the site is still under contruction, so bear with me while we are putting it together..

As we begin our descent into the pit the of the US Senate, I must first point out that this column is not a hit piece on the ederly. Rather, it is hit piece on the elderly in the Senate. The geriatrics in the Senate, namely Ted Kennedy, Robert Byrd, and to a lesser extent Hillary Clinton (her place in the doodering fool club of the Senate, is ensured by the fact that evil such as Hillary Clinton is ancient), are folks who consider the floor their own personal Kingdom. It probably wouldnt be so bad, if they they ever uttered anything even remotely realistic from time to time. Alas, this is not the case. We begin with Ted Kennedy.

Edward Kennedy was born into privilege and money. Growing up in the house of Joe Kennedy, Ted could not help but be immersed in the in the knowledge that there is absolutely no trouble one could get into, that money and influence couldnt extract one from. From Ted’s expulsion from Harvard, to his vehement opposition to the wind generators near one of his many estates, he used power and connections thwart opposition and to get his way. Sound familiar? It should, its an ingrained part of the Madarin Culture that has seeped into the echelons of Senate Power-on both sides of the aisle. But while the perks are used and abused by madarins of both parties, it is always the Left side of the aisle whose abuses are so egregious.

Ted Kennedy, Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer and all the entrenched wealthy Democrats have abused the Senate rules and accepted ways, to thwart an agenda, President Bush’s, and foster an agenda, their own. And most of this maneuvering occurred in the minority. Yet, the Democrats, with a willing and subservient media, are able to get away with it a lot easier than those on the Right side of the aisle. To be sure, some Republicans have hidden behind this media shield, but only in collusion with the Democrats. Recall the recent Immigration Bill, in which Ted Kennedy’s fingerprints were all over, and which was approved and modified in secret, along with the rules with which to debate it.

It is the media cloak mentioned above, that has protected Ted Kennedy from all of his antics. The all powerful Kennedy family, the closest thing America has to Royalty, is not to be besmirched. Not by the Boston Globe, anyway. Kennedy has kept the Press busy, though. From Chappaquiddick to his dismal 1980 Presidential Campaign, the Fourth Estate tried their damndest to present Teddy in a favorable light, but the Ghost of Mary Jo was too fresh in most peoples minds to allow him the nomination. Laying low, it appeared, would be the best policy for Ted, and an acceptance of the fact that he would never be more than a Senator from Massachusetts. Once he reached that conclusion, he must have realized that even in a minority position, the “Leader” or “Liberal Lion” of the Senate would always have the real power.

KGB Letter Outlines Senator Kennedy’s Overtures to the Soviets, Prof Says

In the early 80’s, after the failed campaign, Teddy decided for all America that Reagan was the danger and a USSR led by the former KGB head was more cooperative, more amenable to peace, than a black and white President who recognized the difference between Good and Evil. Naturally, not wanting to dirty his own hands, he sent an emmissary to Moscow with a note, offering help, assistance, and to seek guidance on how to control President Reagan. At the time The US was planning on putting missiles in Europe, ostensibly to protect them, but also to throw another barrier up between the Communists to the East and the Free West. That didnt sit well with Teddy, and he sent the dispatch to the Kremlin. How this story didnt make waves back then, I dont know, but when it was back in circulation a few months ago, I remember being aghast at the level Ted would stoop to to undermine America. Communism was the number one enemy at the time, and Teddy, by proxy, was dealing wth them behind the US Government’s back. It must be a perk of th Massachusetts Senate delegation, because the other Senator from Mass, had no problem dealing with the enemy in 1970, when he went to Paris and met with North Vitnamese leaders, when his brethren were dying in the jungles of Southeat Asia.

For the Senior Senator from Massachusetts to communicate with the Andropov-Chernenko politburos, without at least alerting the White House, seems a little out of bounds for me. How could Teddy have thought this was a good thing? Honest and reasonable Americans understood the Soviets and their expressed desire for World Socialism, why couldnt a Harvard educated (after his re-entry to the institution after his expulsion for cheating, of course) see the danger Communism posed? His older brother certainly did. Did Teddy really believe the slogans that adorned factory walls in Kursk, Moscow and Gorky? The slogans on the banners exhorting the happy factory workers to toil harder for the glory of Socialism? My theory is that growing up a Kennedy, Teddy naturally thought the drab lack of individualism that represents Socialism and Marxism wouldnt apply to him, he is a Kennedy, after all! Ol’ Ted must have really believed that communism would be better for the “little people” as long as it wasnt going to affect his various compounds through America. For any American who believes that communism or evil died when the Wall came down, should look at the smoking hole in Manhattan, or look at the commentary coming out of several Latin States of late. While the chunks of masonry from the Wall were being sold as souvenirs (truly a capitalist venture if there ever was one), the “Science” of Marxism-Leninism was flourishing. It can be found in Venezuela, Bolivia, and indeed the US Senate. One only has to look at some of the voting records of the Senate mandarins to wonder just whose side these folks are really on. The US Left’s slavish passion for socialism, backed by the Kennedys and Clintons of the Senate, will be explored in the next few columns, which will be out in a couple of days. You can bet Teddy’s strong desire for Socialism will be revealed in actions and the Senate and in his Mayor Qumby like proclamations of Equality…

Patrick Truax
Florissant, MO

14 Aug, 2007